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A booking is made from either a hard copy form or from our computer booking application. A booking will only be accepted once upon receiving your request. Please note if Channel 3 Media has none of your requested item in stock, the booking can either be delayed or denied. Upon receiving of your order confirmation, you will be required to read and agree to the terms and conditions of your order. Fail to accept these terms your order will be suspended until you agree.

This confirmation notice will either be sent via post or email channels. If you are booking online please include your email address. Please also note that Channel 3 Media will only loan items to Melbourne, Victoria and its surrounding areas. Any requests for outside the Metropolitan area will be automatically cancelled.

Please note: Bookings are NOT FREE of charge. The online booking system will not ask you for your banking details or credit card details. Only during the confirmation email or printed document will the final price be displayed. You can cancel your request for your booking.

A standard booking of an item is one day but the longest any item can be loaned out for is one week. Both loan duration, the total quantity requested, weight and unit pricing for that equipment will affect the cost.

If any of the following happens to your Storeroom Booking application please email :

Incorrect values on listed items,
Nearly half or even none of the items shown,
Errors stating that it cannot find index at 'number'.




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