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Video Production
Problems and reported issues

Where does your services apply towards?
All Channel Three Media, Network, Motion Flow and Digital Entertainment productions apply only to Metropolis Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. All else other productions will be denied from acceptance.

Costs and licensing:
Costs applying to productions handled by DED are only taken per unit as explained in the Digital Entertainment page. If your production is to be taken by a professional studio or distributer a licence fee WILL incur. To calculate the fee the length of the production by the rate and loading will be charged. A node licence or float licence will result on your distribution range.

Software Licenses:
Node locked (1 Machine.)
Float (Per Machine.)

Channel Three Network Licences:
Private standard (No public performances, no editing or reproduction allowed.)
Public broadcast (single viewing, no editing or reproduction allowed.)
Public broadcast - Joint (authorised productions only.)

Digital Entertainment Licences:
Private standard (No public performances, no editing or reproduction allowed.)
Public - reseller.
Public - performance.

Motion Flow Animations Licences:
Private standard (No public performances, no editing or reproduction allowed.)
All else see "Channel Three Network."

Additional Fees and Charges:
Applies only to production labour and transportation costs. Some equipment will incur these charges especially Camera Cranes, production switchers and editors.

Visual and Motion Picture

My video is always freezing when I playback on my computer:

Some of "Channel 3 Network" produced content especially 1080p HD videos will tend to freeze on some machines due to the processing power that machine may have. This may affect playback by frames dropping out, voices un-synchronising, lines, blocks or pixels out of place on the screen.

The only options to resolve these problems is to either get a faster machine or request for a lower quality video.

My video is will not play with my video player:
In some cases you may have an unsupported player to play the video. Noticeable affects includes hearing sound but with no accompanying picture or receiving a error message upon loading.

Please check to see if your player support playback for these file types:
Open Document

Why cannot I edit my video:
Channel 3 Network may insert a DRM or better known as "Digital Rights Management" onto your production, this simply prevents duplication and editing work to be carried out. To remove the DRM you may need to pay additional costs to successfully have a copy with out the DRM.

My newly brought production does not play on my DVD/VHS player:
When your production was made it had been encoded to be used in a certain region. For DVDs and other disk media a region is assigned to the disk, please check the disk region and your player region.

For tapes please check your format and also the colour system in which both your player and tape use.

You cannot play a NTSC tape on a PAL only player, you will have problems with colours and sound.

Can I have the full details of the production:
You should be given a sheet will completed details about every aspect of your production, this also includes the tax invoice.

Why are the prices on animations so high:
More work goes into Animations than any other production. The creation of the animation is extremely difficult to process with one frame generally taking between one to twenty minutes. Considering there is about 25 to 30 frames in each second, creating a full ten or thirty minutes or more worth of content could take years. This is primarily the reason why the production prices are so high.

Why is my animation extremely large:
All animations are rendered at 720p but can be up scaled in the editing process, as explained above the quality of the visual may freeze due to your machine's processing power.

Sound and Audio
Why is there highly audible noise:
Depending on your selections you make during your request if you asked for a sound production with the lowest bit rate and sample rate then there may be audible background noise.

Please also check your cabling and/or audio setup you currently have.